11.7.2009 - Anthony had visitors today – his future owners. His new home is near Prague and we hope that he will be happy there. There is also a friend waiting for him – a one-year-old tomcat Max. They really liked him and Anthony got a present. New pictures added to the section “Kittens” – five weeks old.

5.7.2009 - In the section “Kittens” were added new photos of the litter “A”, age: four weeks.

24.6.2009 - In the section “Kittens” were added new photos of the litter “A”, age: three weeks.

5.6.2009 - First pictures of our Kittens added together with their names – section “Kittens”.

2.6.2009 - This late night Cailey gave birth – with help of the vet- to four beautiful kittens (3 marbled girls and 1 boy). First pictures in the section “Kittens” coming soon…

22.4.2009 - It’s a month now when Cailey returned from the visit at Izmir. Everything went just well. Cailey eats and sleeps a lot and we are looking forward to our very first kittens.

26.3.2009 - Courtship displays: Cailey went to visit tomcat Izmir from the Shoemaker’s Cat cattery. At the beginning it seemed that they are not going to like each other but after some hard time Izmir finally succeeded in his efforts. If everything is going well we could expect Cailey’s first babies at the end of May.

1.2.2009 - At the International Show in Pilsen, organized by our club, Cailey received CACIB in both days.

22.11.2008 - At the National Show in Prague Cailey received her third CAC and became a CHAMPION!!!

19.10.2008 - At the National Show in Prague Cailey got CAC in both days

2.7.2008 - Registration of our cattery name with FIFe

Silver Balleto - kočky

Počasí Plzeň - Slunečno.cz


7.6.2008 - Cailey got V1 BIV in the class “Kittens 6-10 months” at the show in Příbram

10.5.2008 - Cailey introduced herself for the first time in the class “Kittens 3-6 months“at the show in Most. She got V1 and nomination for BIS.

15.2.2008 - 15.2.2008 Today we finally brought our first cat Cailey from the AllergoCZ cattery by breeder Mrs. Novotná. First she carefully explored her new home and after a while she felt like home. She got a new bed and lot of toys.

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